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Filming at Midhope Castle ( Lallybroch)

Outlander fans are desperate for news about  Outlander Season 5 filming . Filming has taken place in Scotland for the last 2 months. I can reveal that I have posted on Twitter that I can “unofficially confirm” that filming will take place at Midhope Castle in September .Midhope Castle had previously been slated to be closed for a while for filming. The question was whether it would be for our series or something else that’s Scotland based. After all, many TV shows and movies have used some of the Outlander locations, including most recently Mary Queen of Scots and the Outlaw King .

Castle pictures can “unofficially confirm” that it will definitely be Outlander heading to Midhope Castle, which fans know as Lallybroch.

Filming will take place for four weeks. What isn’t clear is who exactly will be there. I think it will be Jamie and Claire Fraser, but it’s difficult to be certain about it . The castle is closed from mid-August .

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I can unofficially confirm #outlander filming at #lallybroch next month . I think #jamiefraser and Claire will be there for 4 weeks 

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This will mean a change to the book storyline. Claire and Jamie don’t go to Lallybroch in Book 5, titled “The Fiery Cross.” However, the former home of Jamie Fraser does come up later in the book series. It’s possible that instead of doing one book per season, the showrunners have decided to combine book storylines.

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In a way, combining the storylines would make sense. It could be easier to focus on one overall storyline for a season, making the series more like a traditional TV series with a story arc. In another sense, it could be easier to manage plot points that fans are disappointed in not getting because of the need to condense for time.

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Of course, Midhope Castle may not actually make it to Outlander Season 5. It’s possible that the set is being used for the Outlander Untold storylines, which we know are going to happen for Season 5.

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Lallybroch / Midhope Castle Outlander tours

Midhope Castle, a 16th-century tower house, is used as Lallybroch (also known as Broch Tuarach) in Outlander . Left to Jamie by his parents, Brian and Ellen, Lallybroch is also home to Jamie’s sister, Jenny, her husband Ian Murray and their children. With Lallybroch being an important part of the Outlander story, much use is made of Midhope Castle.

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We see this iconic location several times. Our introduction to Lallybroch comes in a flashback scene during the second episode of season one , when Jamie attempts to rescue Jenny from the Redcoats, only to end up being whipped and carried off to Fort William. Later in episode twelve , Jamie returns with Claire. Then, in season 2 we see Claire and Jamie return home after their time on France.

In season three we find out that the story of Lallybroch is not yet finished. After Culloden, Jamie is returned home, where he hides from the British before eventually surrendering to the army.

Midhope Castle is located in Abercorn, just west of South Queensferry, on the Hopetoun estate. It is every bit as impressive as Lallybroch, with the familiar approach and entrance to the building.

Lallybroch ( Midhope Castle) Outlander tours, Lallybroch , real life Midhope Castle , is the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser , visit the castle on our Outlander tours

If you’re looking for a glimpse of the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser you won’t find the real Lallybroch deep in the Highlands.
Scenes were shot at Midhope Castle on the fringes of the Hopetoun Estate near South Queensferry.
Midhope was built in the 15th Century and was built by John Martyne, laird of Midhope. It was rebuilt in the mid 1600s and remains much the same today.
Visitors are asked to admire Midhope from a distance as the interior remains largely derelict.

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Midhope Castle is the external location for fictional Lallybroch, the family home of character Jamie Fraser , and it is located on the Hopetoun Estate .  Midhope Castle dates back to the 15th Century and although the exterior is relatively intact the castle is derelict inside.